International Soda Flight- Disney Springs

I wasn’t always a Disney expert. I’m still not…but I get asked a lot what parents and families can do at Disney that doesn’t cost too much. My first answer is Disney Springs.

It is an awesome go-to when you are in Orlando for so many reasons.

If you don’t have a full day for the parks, or you don’t want to purchase a ticket but still want to enjoy a bit of the magic, head to Disney Springs. Sometimes I still slip up and call it Downtown Disney, it’s OK the locals know what you mean.

There are so many things to see and do there that when we go, we’ve started to only stay in certain areas. This way I can make sure we are hitting all of the stores and attractions throughout the year.

This visit we headed to the Coca-Cola Store. It is three stories with a roof top soda bar. Filled with beverages from around the world, both kid and adult selections.

They even have floats and mixed drinks. Something for the whole family.

When we were there they had a domestic and international flights, but not on the menu. It was only something that I had seen on social media…so when I ordered it I was waiting for the lady to tell me she had no idea what I was talking about.

Luckily she didn’t blink when I asked about it.

Anyone that has been to Epcot has probably tasted most of these in Club Cool… but this is a way to drink around the world without actually going to Epcot.

I was surprised that a majority of these selections did not have caffeine. If this is something important for you to know, just ask them at the counter. They already knew which ones to mark off for me.

The trays were not marked so pay close attention to how they are sitting on the tray. Now the fun part – taste test.

I will give you a hint though. The Beverly (Italy) is DISGUSTING. There are tons of blog posts online about peoples love/hate relationship with it. To me, it honestly tastes like nail polish remover…. so save that one for your husband.

After you enjoy your drinks, conversations and people watching from the roof top, head down to the 2nd floor where you have a great photo op with the Coca Cola Bear.




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