Screen Free Car Activities for your Kids

Keeping your kids occupied and happy in the car is hard. The older they get, I’m hoping it may get easier… but honestly, right now it feels like a job.

Screen-free that is. I know that there are tons of apps that would probably save my sanity, as well as the DVD players that go around the headrests. But I want my kids to look out the window. To be bored. To listen to the radio. To ask questions. To see something they have never seen before.

Here are a few products and ideas that I love to help keep your kids away from screens and entertained on some of those Spring Break road trips. See my WPTV segment here

Kenley Kids Car Seat Activity Tray ( – these are awesome desk trays that easily fold up for storage before and after use.  One of the biggest problems I have seen while driving with my boys is that things fall and slip out of their lap. With these trays, they are able to color, draw, do puzzles and snack without things falling onto the floor. Having these in the car give the kids so many more options during our drive time.

Haba Magnetic Games ( – I love anything magnetic because I know all the pieces will stay together. They remind me of the reusable sticker boards I had when I was a girl. These from Haba are awesome because they have a variety of magnets that keep my son creative but also come in their own magnetic caring case. As we are traveling, even if the case falls over the pieces will stay in.

Melissa and Doug Toys ( – The greatest things about some of these toys in that all the pieces are attached to the boards. The License Plate game and Hang Man pieces don’t come off. It keeps kids alert, talking and thinking. I love that the Licenses plate game can be played solo or a competition. Melissa and Doug Toys also offer a variety of other options for long car rides. Sticker seek and find books as well as a Secret Detective book that is something entertaining for the car.

Snack Bags – OK, who doesn’t love snacks? The fighting and arguing when snacks comes out is a challenge though. “He got the one I wanted”, “Everything is gone”. Once snack bags came into our life, the fighting was over. Everyone gets the same thing. Once it’s gone it’s gone. They can eat everything all at once, or save their snacks for later in the trip. It starts everyone knowing what they have and there is no rush to make sure they get their favorite snack before it runs out.

Craft and Boogie Road Trip Busy Kit ( – Sometimes the last thing you want to think about as you are planning a road trip is how to keep the kids busy. There are a variety of kits that you can purchase from Craft and Boogie to make sure your kids are content during your road trip. I absolutely love the mystery eggs that come in this kit. Both of my boys love mystery eggs… plus if you time it out 10-15 minutes before letting them open each one, it makes the time in the car go by much faster.

Something else I have found that I love are journals. You can find some pretty inexpensive kids journals on Amazon, or just a blank notepad for ones that are still to little to write but want to draw.

I’ve also created a free Florida Turnpike printable for download here. Just don’t forget your dry erase marker!


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