I Tried Making Silk Dyed Easter Eggs…

So usually this time of year Pinterest is filled with pages and pages of beautifully dyed Easter eggs that seem a bit too good to be true. Each year I tell myself I’m not going to wait till the last minute to see if any of them actually work. Like in real life.

The Silk Dyed egg tutorials seemed easy enough, and I made sure to read through 2 or 3 different postings. They were all the same. Except one had an extra step. I’ll note that as I go through how my trial with six eggs went.

In case you are wondering… these eggs are NOT for eating after being dyed. Apparently the dyes used in the ties are able to seep into the eggs and not the type of dyes you want to ingest.

Step one… find silk ties. OK, any type of silk will do. Looking at all of these ties it would appear easy to get a good selection but most of them were polyester, didn’t have a tag with material listing… or just plain old man gross. So many germs on old ties.

I selected three. All of different colors to see which ones might come out better.

The first thing was to cut apart all of the non-silk parts. Again… tie germs. Ties come

apart much easier than I expected.

Cut enough material to completely cover the egg. If you are wondering each tie will dye three eggs.

After the eggs are tied in silk, wrap them again in a light colored thin fabric. This is an old freebie T-shirt I used, nothing special.

So the difference in the different posts I saw was that some tutorials had rubber bands wrap the entire egg, so every part of the fabric was covered and tights against the egg. Looking back now I wish I would have tried that too.

Now time to boil… water and 1/4 cup white vinegar. For 20 minutes.

I wasn’t quite sure how the colors would turn out… I suppose that is the exciting part of all of this. Wondering if it will look Pinterest perfect.

As you can see the maroon tie came out the best. The blue and green weren’t as bright as I was hoping, although they did become darker after drying off. I honestly liked how the “bunched fabric” side of the egg looked.

Was this easy?  yes.

Did they come out as great as I was hoping? Honestly, no.

Do they look Pinterest Perfect??? Meh.

Would I try it again? Yes, but I think with darker silks and bigger patterns.


2 thoughts on “I Tried Making Silk Dyed Easter Eggs…

  1. Such a fascinating process! You did a great job explaining step-by-step what you did. I do think they turned out very visually appealing. Kudos to you! 🙂

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