Oil Dyed Easter Eggs- Does it work?

Continuing on with my quest to find a fun and easy Easter Egg project… I moved on to oil dyed Easter Eggs. I honestly picked this one because I already had all of the supplies I needed at the house. Anyone else gets excited when that happens?

This was also the first time I used color gels instead of the standard food coloring drops.

I used 1/2 cup of water in each cup, 1 tablespoon of vinegar and gel food coloring. On the first go-round, use lighter colors..or a little more conservative on the amount. Keep this in mind because you will want the darker colors on the second round.

If you want you could easily do this first part with a standard Easter Egg coloring kit from the store.

Drop your hard boiled eggs in and let them sit for a few minutes. Make sure they are universally covered and you are happy with the colors.

One thing I loved about using my own cups and dyes is that I could make the colors exactly what I wanted. I’m a little in love with the teal eggs.

Moving on to the oil part. I used another set of cups. This time just water, gel food coloring, and vegetable oil. I didn’t measure exactly. Just the good old eyeball method. It worked.

Remember to make the colors darker the second time. These will be the contrasting colors for the marbleized look.

I used vegetable oil but have read other places that any oil will do. So check to see what you may have.

I loved that the boys were able to fully participate in this method after the eggs were hard-boiled. It is a great “following directions” project too.

Mom over here, standing back and letting them be creative.

Kids are actually able to see the differences immediately, depending on what they do to the egg. A lot of scientific discovery possible here.

See how I covered my counter with paper? This is something you will want to do.

Think about a big fish fry. When your eggs come out of the oil, they will drip just like that. You will need something to soak up all of the oil.

It took a few hours for the oil on the eggs to completely dry, so you may want to let them sit overnight before taking them anywhere or using them.


Overall… the boys and I liked this one better than the silk dying. It was more kid friendly and best of all we can actually eat these.

Still in love with those teal eggs… I love how they came out.


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