Last Minute Easter Craft – Fast and Easy

So if you were to ask me last month about any Easter crafts I was working on, I could have shown you a list of things I had planned. Honestly there were a few more things on that list that I just didn’t get to do.

Earlier this week we received the call we had been dreading for Billiam’s mom… and just like that we were on our way to Pittsburgh.

All of the crafts I have sitting in my office and plans for spring will be there when we get back. I’m actually sitting in a hotel room somewhere in South Carolina right now, trying to get back to my to do list before I fall too far behind.

While we were in Pittsburgh with family there were moments that all of the cousins were at the house. I’m talking 10+ kids all elementary age. I knew I wanted to come up with some that was a bit distracting from everything else going on and for less than $20 I was able to run to Hobby Lobby and grab all of the supplies I needed. (Everything that I already have sitting at home.)

All you need for this project is:

Cardstock (for a stencil)


Masking tape, or anything that will hold the cardstock down without harming the canvas.

Canvas… but you can use heavy paper if you are in a pinch.

Spring color paint. I used water based, but acrylic will work for older ages.

I wasn’t able to print at the house we were staying so I improvised and traced on copy paper and then copied it on to the cardstock I had.

Here are the 10 bunnies I cut out with child safety scissors. Is it weird if I start traveling with my own crafting scissors? My hands were not happy with me.

Once all of the bunnies were cut out I taped them down to the canvas. Remember, these will be pulled off after the paint is dry so don’t go crazy with this step.

This Cra-z-Art paint was a bit watery but actually worked nicely for this project. I’ve never used this before…

Once the bunnies are taped down, the kids simply use their fingertips to paint around the bunny.

Keep in mind not to use too much paint around the stencil, because it will probably run underneath the bunny. Especially if you have this runny paint. 🙂

All of the kids gathered around outside and created their own masterpieces.

Once each one was done, I let them dry in the sun.

Even my little one enjoyed getting messy. This is an art piece I will keep with all of our Easter decorations

After each one was done I glued a bright pom pom on for the tail and there you have it.

A super fast and easy Easter craft…


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