The Two Best Bubble Hacks Ever

I don’t care how old you are bubbles are awesome. Toddlers can’t get enough of them and I guarantee every time a bubble floats carelessly by any adults head they stop and take notice.

There is something completely magical about how they just float in the wind and just like that…. POP.

As much as I love bubbles, I can’t stand the mess bubble containers make. Tiny hands make huge messes and it’s hard to explain to little ones why there are no more bubbles when they drop the container or simply pour it out because of curiosity.

Make Your Own Magic Bubble Mixture: 

We have tons of empty bubble containers. Instead of throwing them out or recycling them, it’s so much easier to refill them. The mixture I love the most (that makes pretty large bubbles) is super simple.

One part water.

One part corn syrup.

One part dish soap. We love using ECOS.

I will say only use these outside. When the bubbles land it can make the floor, we have tile, sticky.

My second bubble hack…. ZIPTIES!

Zip tie Bubble Wands Around Your Back Yard

This has saved many tears and it’s such an easy fix. No more bubble spills or missing bottles. Both boys know exactly where the bubbles are. They know to put the wands back, and they can fill them up when we run out of bubbles.

It might sound a little too simple, but I don’t have to fight over bubble play.

They are generally really good playing together, but this has eliminated them arguing over who gets what color bubble wand. I’m sure you could use any of the other shaped containers, I like how easy the wands are.

I made sure they were low enough for my youngest and I think he enjoys having a free hand when he isn’t worried about holding on to the bottle of bubbles.

It’s amazing how a bag of simple zip ties changes the bubble game.


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