5 Ways to Keep Your Kids Busy This Summer

Can you believe summer is here? The first day has come and gone and now I’m sure your kids are bored. I mean it has been a whole day. Don’t give in to screen time just yet! I promise that will come later on before school starts and you’re just tired.

With a little bit of planning and a few fun products your summer can be great and you can help prevent summer slide. Plus keep your sanity for a little longer.

Scrunchies are back! And honestly they are a bit expensive. Some of my favorite summer memories as a child are learning how to sew with my grandmother. Each summer I would visit her and sit at her sewing machine and make blankets and doll clothes. I had scrunchies to match every outfit because of her.

Don’t spend a bunch of money on fabric. Head to the thrift store and find fabric to repurpose as your kids are learning, or grab the fabric remnants at the store.

Look up one yard projects online to find project inspiration for your kiddos. You’ll be amazed what they will make by the end of the summer.

It’s the teacher in me that loves thematic units. Find one thing that your kids love and plan a bunch of activities around it. For us this summer that means WORMS!!!

I am obsessed with this worm habitat from EduToys. Both of my boys absolutely love observing the worms and I loved the conversation we had while creating the habitat.

Ravensburger makes a great game, Inch Worms,  that helps with measurement, taking turns and color identification.

Also grab one of our favorite books, Diary of a Worm. Then you could also have your kids create their own worm diary. The options are endless.

Become your own treasure hunter with a metal detector. Yep! Get this in your kids hands all summer. At the beach, at the park…take it on vacation with you. This one by EduToys is super light weight and great for kids that are just starting to explore.

The Dollar Tree has some great projects to keep the kids busy. We grabbed a humming bird feeder and food to add to the backyard. This gives the boys a great opportunity to get close to the birds this summer and hopefully learn a little more about them firsthand. This entire thing will only cost $2 and it’s something we can enjoy everyday.

I have fallen in love with 3D Puzzles. The one great thing about puzzles like this is once you build it, it can easily be displayed but can be taken down and put together again. Here is the Children’s Globe that we recently put together from Ravensburger. The pieces are made of a sturdy plastic so no worries of flimsy paper.

Something that we have had for over a year now is Kiwi Crate. They are STEM Inspired boxes that include a book and 3 projects to do each month. All with something mechanical or science based. I love that they come with instructions easy enough for my 6 year old to do almost independently.

Want to find out more? Check out my WPTV segment to hear more about the items and how you can incorporate them into your summer.


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