Watermelon Volcano – Summer of Science

I couldn’t go into any grocery store without seeing how cheap watermelons are right now. Or should I say how affordable watermelons are right now. This size watermelon was only a few dollars. The larger watermelons would work too, but you would just need a whole bunch more material.

What you will need:  Baking Soda, Vinegar, Dish Soap and food coloring (that is optional).

The best thing about this is you won’t waste the watermelon. Scoop out all of the inside or “guts” as my boys say and use it however you would like. This experiment really only uses the watermelon as a fancy container.

For some reason he thought scooping out the watermelon was the grossest thing ever. He hates doing it with a pumpkin too. Although he could eat watermelon with every meal, everyday. He makes me laugh.

Once the watermelon is scooped out you will use 2 parts vinegar to every one part baking soda. Plan out how much you will need based on the supplies you already have if need be.

Dump your baking soda in, squeeze in food coloring and a few tablespoons dish soap. Stir all together. They actually did this part with a stick they found outside.

Now pour. Pour, pour, pour. The faster you pour the more dynamic the result.

My older son was able to pour it a little faster because he knew what we were trying to do.

I wish I would have used a little more baking soda but honestly they were thrilled with the final result.

As you can notice, I didn’t have them wearing gloves. Honestly with these ingredients you don’t have to unless your child has super sensitive skin. Or if you want to make it feel a little more ‘Scientist’.

I wasn’t expecting them to start playing with the bubbles, but in retrospect… why wouldn’t they. I mean, everyone loves bubbles. Which is exactly why we did this outside.

They might have smelled like a basket of fish and chips after but they enjoyed the entire process.


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