Parenting With Mindfulness – Start Slow

Being a parent is hard. But honestly being a kid these days isn’t a walk in in the park. There are a million different things headed their way and as a parent, that scares me to death.

I’m already one of those moms that works at the same school as one son… and in one more year, hopefully both of my boys will be there. Don’t worry though, I’m not one of those moms that hovers. I just watch them from afar.

What I have learned from watching them is the type of people they are growing into. Watching how they act when they are alone, or when they are around other friends. This information is just as valuable as any report card grades or reading levels.

How they handle joy or more importantly how they handle stress. Yes, children have stress. A bunch of it all coming from different directions. They are little and full of emotions that they need to learn how to handle.

Your parenting style teaches them how to handle themselves. Are you someone who explodes at the tiniest problem? Guess what… they will learn that. Are you someone who faces a problem, takes a deep breath and works through it? They will learn that too.

Teaching mindfulness isn’t as scary as it sounds. It sounds big. Don’t let that stop you.

Mindfulness is slowing down. It’s listening to your breathing, your inner voice and finding your calm. Kids don’t know how to do that, but you as a parent do.

Show them. Talk them through it. Help them.

This is something I have to remind myself a lot. Putting a hypothetical camera on myself. Asking… would I want the entire world seeing how I’m responding to this problem? Or how I’m teaching my littles? I tell myself almost on a daily basis… If you can do better, do better. It applies to so many things.

Both of my boys are loving their Zafooz. I am loving them too. We have been using them as they transition into sharing the same room, and new bunk beds. New changes, and although they are exciting… they are a bit overwhelming. With each of them having their own Zafooz, they each have a mindfulness buddy. A reminder to stay calm and find their own space with other things seem to BIG.

They are large enough to hug and lay on, but each boy is also able to use it as a meditation pillow too. Funny enough my older son learned how to meditate in Kindergarten this past year, and has been teaching me a few things.

I also was fortunate enough to support a wonderful first grade teacher and her classroom. Mrs. P taught me so much about being a mindful educator and when I think of her I automatically think – “Peace Begins With Me”. Repeating it over and over, breathing deeply and with purpose.

A Zafooz cushion is an easy way to introduce mindfulness practices to your kids. It helps improve brain function and provide relief during stressful times. Their website is full of resources that go with each cushion. It also has videos and articles to help on your parenting with mindfulness journey.

As parents we have a million things on our mind, but the number one thing we must focus on is what we are showing to our children. Can you believe we are creating the people they will be? Parenting with mindfulness is one of the easiest ways to help them become successful little people in the world.

Ask yourself these questions…. How does your child act when they think no one is watching them? How could helping them practice mindfulness help them grow?

As parents, there is always something new to learn. We have to be open to it and grow with it. That way our kids will too. 🙂

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