A Chocolate Lovers’ Dream – Hershey Park – The Perfect Day for Younger Kids

There was no doubt in my mind, that if we traveled to Pennsylvania this summer we would absolutely visit Hershey, PA. I have never been, and although it was a little out of the way of our Pittsburgh route, it was a non negotiable.

I honestly didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t know too much about it. I had done a bit of research but there were so many “Hershey” themed attractions when I googled it… I didn’t know what we were actually going to.

Before you go into Hershey Park, there is Chocolate World. In the same place, but different experience. I’ll follow up this post with more information about that.

The awesome thing about Hershey Park is that it’s pretty much three parks in one. The theme park, a water park and Zoo America. All of them are covered with your one ticket.

If you were to do EVERYTHING the park has to offer I would say allocate two days. Since we were only at the park for one day, we skipped Zoo America and the water rides.

One of the first things we did upon arrival was to see what rides each of the boys could enjoy. It’s cute how they have the heights identified by different candies. Our three year old was a Hershey’s Kiss. Our six year old, a Hershey Bar.

You don’t have to go to the official measuring station, but if you have a child that is right on the line it might be better to get an official measurement and bracelet so they don’t have to measure at each ride. The line was a bit long here, so we skipped this part.

Of course we had to grab a map to plan out where we were going, as well as the souvenir cup. I believe the cup was around $15 but it was free refills all day (the day you buy it). So if you get it first thing in the morning it really does pay for itself. Yeah, we all shared. That’s just the kind of mom I am.

In case you are wondering, they scan the barcode to know which day you bought it on… thus, your free refills the day your bought it. If you use it a different day it is .99 per refill. Still a great deal in my opinion. Think about how much your kids drink on hot days.

Right as you enter the park, beside the measuring station there are character meet and greets. I never saw this area busy at all.

They switch out the characters quite often so check back every now and then.

This is just me with a Twizzler statue though. We are classy ladies.

This might not be new for some people, but it was completely new to me. My kids riding “no adult” rides. This isn’t a thing at other parks we frequent. I loved it.

Watching Haven (my 6 year old) stand in line and hold hands with his younger brother. To help him on the ride and watch them gain the independence to ride alone. Yes, they could see us the whole time… but for that minute, they felt a little more grown up.

There were actually quite a few rides they could both ride together, and the plus is that the lines were not long AT ALL. We might have waited a turn or three at most for most of the kiddie rides.

There are also plenty of rides for youngsters AND their parents.

I like when there are photo ops though out the day. Makes for great family pictures and of course Instagram selfies. Who doesn’t need more of those.

I wish this picture could show how much he was laughing. Yes, he is completely alone. Haven and my husband went to ride the bumper cars, so he flew solo on the Pirate Ship and LOVED it. I think I enjoyed watching him more than the rides themselves.

I suppose that’s what happens when you are a parent. Your enjoyment comes from the joy of your kids. Here is the perfect example.

How cool is this Monorail that goes around the park. I do enjoy riding things like this at the beginning of the day to make sure we see exactly where everything is that we want to ride.

Don’t let my ride descriptions fool you though. There are some big coasters. I believe, at the time I’m writing this, there are 15. With more currently being built. I rode one with my older son because he was at the right height, but after the upside down loop (his first)… he was more than happy to go back to rides that didn’t make his tummy feel that way. His words.

The awesome part of this ride is that if it’s timed just right, one of the carts zooms right above your head and gives you a little heart rush. I wasn’t expecting it at all and boy did I feel it.

One of the rides you can see from the outside of the park is the Kissing Tower. Most of the windows are shaped liked Kisses. It is a slow moving tower, where you can see the entire park as well as the town. I almost rode this again simply to see everything in the town and the adorable houses here.

Here is the Sooper Dooper Looper – the name alone should have given it away. I didn’t know it looped until we were watching people unload and we were stepping in. I acted like no big deal but the whole time I was nervous for his reaction. I also made sure to hold onto his glasses. That is the last thing we need, to lose his glasses on a roller coaster.

What do people that wear glasses do while riding roller coasters? Leave them on and take a chance or take them off and not see what’s headed your way. I had never thought about it until this ride.

He survived. I mean it was the first day of being toothless… so he was extra brave.

What does a child do with tooth fairy money that’s burning a whole in his pocket? He plays one carnival game. And looses.

Life lesson in two minutes.

Do your kids have a favorite ride? I am the parent that CAN do spinny rides. That means, I’m the Teacup Mom. The faster the better. Wouldn’t miss this classic.

Our last ride of the day was The Coal Cracker Log Flume.

I mean…. come on. Of course I had to get this picture. It’s amazing. In so many ways.

See you later Hershey Park. Thanks for the amazing memories! I can’t wait to come back and make more!


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