Campfire Eclairs – Perfect for Your Kids to Make

So after we built our fire pit in the back yard I was trying to come up with new and different ideas for foods to make over the fire. I have to give credit to this idea to my friend Laura who is currently camping across the country this summer. I saw this on her Instastories and knew I needed to make this on our recent stay on the farm.

These boys absolutely love being at the farm and getting DIRTY! The dirtier the better. So collecting firewood is a reward to them.

For this dessert you only need a few things. Only the crescent rolls need to be refrigerated, or kept cool at least.

You can use a large stick, or we had a dowel rod that we covered with foil.

Then wrap the dough around the stick well enough that there isn’t a hole at the end (the filling will come out if you aren’t careful).

Have your kids sit far enough away from the fire that they are able to roast these just like a marshmallow, except you don’t want them to burn. Slowly turn so all sides get brown.

It only took a few minutes… an adult should feel the shell to see when a good time to take it off the heat is. They WILL be hot. Let them cool for a few seconds before filling them, or having the kids fill them.

We started with simple basic vanilla pudding and hazelnut spread. Alternating a spoonful until is was full. This is completely up to you how you make yours. After making a few, I thought it might be good with chocolate or cheesecake pudding, and maybe some chocolate chips on the top. Maybe chopped nuts.

Think about what your kids preferences may be, or what you have that is easy to travel with. Campfire items are all about being easy. This was easy, quick and yummy. All the things perfect for camping or a night around the fire.

Like I said, these do get messy. I think they are better to eat warm. If you wanted you could probably cook all of the shells at once and then have the kids fill each of theirs depending on the toppings they like.

I think next time I may roll the dough in cinnamon sugar to give the outside a bit more flavor.

If sweet isn’t your thing, think about what else you may want to put in a dough
“cup”. Sloppy Joe, Beanie Weenies, or just melted CHEESE!

I feel like we have a lot of these in your future.



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