Solar Power and Kids – How A Trip To The Park Can Mean More…

I don’t think I ever learned about solar power in school. I feel like as I’ve gotten older it has become something more real. More attainable and something both of my boys will learn about as a legitamate source of energy.

I’ve seen a few houses here and there with solar panels but it’s never started a conversation like the ones that have been popping up in Palm Beach and the Treasure Coast. I think it is genius that Florida Power and Light has started placing Solar Energy Centers not only around town, but in locations that families are able to get close to them, and see how they can easily be a part of our everyday life.

Before your children go back to school, give them some “info-tainment” with educational and fun things to do here at home, by taking them to see solar energy up close.

I didn’t know but Florida is in the midst of the largest solar expansion in its history. Florida Power & Light Company’s “30-by-30” plan to is to install 30 million solar panels by 2030. At some locations there are even signs to help explain in easy terms how the solar panels help. I love that you can touch these little pieces and see exactly how light weight they are.

Solar fields are typically in remote locations, that honestly most families will never go. With this new initiative, there will be more and more popping up.

They are in places where families can go see solar panels for themselves, right in their own hometowns. FP&L’s goal is to inspire children to learn about the importance of clean energy, while being exposed to solar at popular tourism destinations.

Did you know Florida leads the country in new solar jobs – which means the children of today who go see these solar trees and canopies, could one day be working in the industry themselves. I love getting them excited about things that they one day could be in charge of.

Of course as you visit the solar panels, enjoy the family fun around them. One of our “bucket list” activities this fall is to visit every park and location that has solar panels. Something fun and different to do. I also love the idea of my boys showing these photos to their grandkids one day. Who knows how we will use solar energy in the future, and I want them to remember the beginning of its growth.

Screen Shot 2019-08-02 at 9.37.48 PM

Solar trees are aesthetic structures that look like actual trees, that feed clean energy to the community. Some of them can even charge your cell phone or laptop.

Solar canopies provide shaded parking, which is helpful for keeping visitors’ cars cool during hot days. Have you parked under one yet and wondered what they were? Yeah, solar power panels.

How many locations have you found solar trees and canopies?

Palm Beach County:

  • Manatee Lagoon, anFPL Eco-Discovery Center in Riviera Beach
  • Howard Park in West Palm Beach
  • South Florida Science Center & Aquarium in West Palm Beach
  • Brightline station in West Palm Beach
  • Barracuda Bay Aquatic Complex in Riviera Beach
  • Palm Beach Gardens Aquatics Complex
  • Barrier Free Park in Boynton Beach
  • Oceanfront Park in Boynton Beach
  • Palm Beach Zoo & Conservation Society in West Palm Beach
  • Joseph Russo Athletic Complex in Palm Beach Gardens

Martin County:

  • Kiwanis Youth Park in Stuart

St. Lucie County:

  • Jessica Clinton Park in Port St. Lucie

For more information, visit


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