Olive The Things You Must Have In Your Disney Bag

I feel like I’m almost a pro at what to take to Disney. We have gone at least a dozen times in the past few months and I don’t see it slowing down anytime soon.

Because we go so often, I keep a Disney bag packed and ready to go. Honestly our plans were cancelled yesterday so instead we just loaded up and drove to Disney. The bag was already ready.

Don’t get stressed over what to carry. I’ve seen so many blog posts with LISTS of what to carry that would fill multiple bags. I get it if you have a large family and need special items but if you are going for a fun day out… don’t have a bag so heavy it’s uncomfortable.

Remember, you are going to be wearing it all day long, and it needs to fit on the rides in front of you. If you pack too many items it will be a constant fight every ride you go on.

First, I have to say I get so many compliments on my Jansport Mickey Backpack. I really do love it. It’s great for a full day at the parks and this design doesn’t show wear and tear… or dirt for that matter.

This might just be me but I like to have more than one pair of ears. Sometimes I take some I have made, or a pair or two of my favorite park ears. They have really stepped up their ear game in the past couple of years. Depending on how long we are going to be at the park I like to change my ears for different pictures or different parks. Magic Kingdom is great for seasonal ears, while I always love blues and purples for Epcot. Of course this is a complete personal preference.

Disney pins for trading. This is something the boys love doing. I’ve gotten in on the action too. When we first started, I would put the pins on my backpack. Bad idea. The Mickey head backs on the backs of the pins are not the best and you will lose pins. So inside of the backpack I have a makeup bag from a subscription service I never used. Pins on the outside of the bag are pins that the boys want to trade. Our new pins we put inside the bag, to keep them safe. That way when we get home we can sort through them… and add more to the outside if they don’t fit our collections. Right now we are collecting Figment, Haunted Mansion, Star Wars, ToyStory and various Mickey. You would be shocked at how many variety of pins there are. Find a way to keep them safe.

Beware of germs! OK, I’m not one of those moms that disinfects everything but theme park germs are no joke. Every single snotty kid has touched exactly what you and your family are going to touch. I like having a spray as well as wipes, depending on the situation. Touchland Power Mist is awesome because it doesn’t have that strong alcohol smell like most other sanitizers. Face wipes are a must if you have little ones. I’m not sure how but my boys get so much gross stuff on their face, that I need to wipe them down. A LOT.


You can not forget snacks. Line boredom makes people hangry. It’s important to keep things in your bag that are quick, easy, not messy and will keep everyone happy. Yes, there are plenty of snacks and food options there but every $5 pretzel adds up. Or as you are standing in line you realize you wish you had a little something to nibble on but no food stands around.

I have fallen in love with Lindsay Olives. The individual packs are so easy to throw in my bag and go. I get a lot of questions in line too from other families that say what a great idea and one they never thought of. It’s a better option than a lot of other prepackaged foods. Plus it doesn’t have all of the sugar that other snacks do, which is a plus. One of the biggest reasons they are a great theme park snack… they don’t melt or break. No matter what your day throws at you, they are protected in their little container.

Olives are a healthy, convenient on-the-go snack option with a delicious taste adult and kids alike can enjoy.

Use the promo code LINDSAYVIP19 to receive 20% off your order of Lindsay Snack and Go! Olives on ilovelindsay.com/snackandgokids.

So as we wait for the fireworks to start…each person can enjoy their favorite flavor. I’ve really gotten into Greek Olives recently. Anyone else?

Cheap sunglasses. Yes… CHEAP. There is a good chance you are going to lose them on a ride, sit on them or set them down… never to be seen again. I’ve gone through so many pair so whenever I see them in the Target Dollar spot I grab a few and just leave them in my bag.

Not pictured: sunscreen. Even on overcast days. Year-round. Bring it. Wear it. Make sure your kids have it. Even if your kids are wearing it, have them stand in your shadow in line. Sometimes that Florida sun is brutal! Word of the wise… use lotion and not spray. Some people have allergies and the wind can carry the spray. Keep that in mind.

Power bank for your cell phone. I use my cell phone to take pictures, videos, play games and use the Disney app in the park. I use it all day. There is nothing worse than running out of battery in the park. There are a few places at each park to charge your phone, but don’t use this as your main plan. They are always busy and you don’t want to spend your day hanging out around electrical outlets.

You are at Disney… go enjoy it!




2 thoughts on “Olive The Things You Must Have In Your Disney Bag

  1. I have heard about how these pre-packaged olives are the perfect snack for on the go! I also love my Touchland hand sanitzer. I spray it on my baby’s butt after a poop, haha!

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