Halloween Snickerdoodles – A Family Tradition Continues

I know technically it is still September, and for a lot of people that is still too early for Halloween anything. Around my house Halloween starts at the end of August.

I am torn between Halloween and Christmas for my favorite holiday but I love the joy of celebrating ANY holiday. Not just the big ones.

Like most people I love using the holidays to share stories with my kids. We live in South Florida and honestly have no family within 7-8 hours of us. I do have to say most of the stories I tell them are about the memories I have with my moms parents.

As I get older I realize what special memories I have of them and I want my kids to know what unique and creative people they were. I credit them with a lot of my curiosity.

Crafts, painting, woodwork, baking.

I made snickerdoodles so often with my grandmother that it is one of the strongest memories I have with her. Now I will say she stored hers in an old gallon plastic mayonnaise jar (the kind you would find at a restaurant) on the counter…but thinking about it I’m not sure why. They were never around long enough to go bad.

I’m quite confident the day we baked them is the day they were gone. She always liked to have fresh baked cookies in case anyone just popped it.

Is there anyone around who still does things like that?

You can use your favorite sugar cookie base recipe, or cheat and use a store bought sugar cookie mix. Depending on what you have time for. I don’t think it makes a difference in taste. The store bought mix tastes just as good, and the kids can make it without making a huge mess.

On a plate pour your mixture of cinnamon and sugar. I used this mixture from Mason Jars MakerPlace along with a variety of Halloween sprinkles.

The boys love this part. Roll them in as little or as much as you would like. Sugar on sugar on sugar.

Bake as directed. I did these for about 12 minutes.

It probably took about 20 minutes total for this, and such an easy after school or weekend project with the kids.

Fresh baked cookies don’t last long around this house.

He’s trying to con me into his 3rd cookie of the day. Spoiler alert: I gave in.

Do you have a favorite holiday cookie? I know cookie season is about to be in full swing and I’m here for it!

Happy Snickerdoodle Season!


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