Busch Wildlife – Paws for a Cause

You know those moments in life where you ask yourself, “Is this really happening?”— that’s exactly what was running through my mind the entire time I was feeding a bear.


Yes. A Florida Black Bear. Feeding him. With my hands. The boys too.


Busch Wildlife Sanctuary in Jupiter, Florida has been special to me for so long. I first visited about 15 years ago and have absolutely loved watching how the staff and volunteers there care for and rehabilitate the animals.

The last time visiting I realized my oldest is now able to start helping there too, on the weekends and school breaks. I’m all about it.


Busch Wildlife is an animal sanctuary that runs on donations. The more donations they receive the more animals they are able to help. We were fortunate enough to be invited to experience one of their donations programs, Paws for a Cause.

There are select animals around the sanctuary that are “trained” to paint a picture for you to keep in their Paws for a Cause program.

We were able to help train the bear to walk back and forth, through paint, and onto a canvas. Even better than the canvas was hand feeding the bears peanuts. Who knew they loved peanuts so much? I didn’t.

It almost felt just like feeding a dog treats, except it wasn’t a dog. It was a big bear.

If you are interested in feeding the black bears, you absolutely can. Simply contact the sanctuary and let them know you are would like information to set up Paws for a Cause.

You are also able to tour the sanctuary and visit all of the other animals native to Florida that are being cared for.

I love that on Saturdays there is a Scavenger Hunt around the property too. Perfect for all ages, and gets the kids really looking around, taking about what they see and what their favorite parts are.

Some of their pathways are amazing for pictures…and can make you feel like you are back in old time Florida. So Instagramable! Is that how you spell that word??? 🙂

Don’t forget to pack a picnic lunch and enjoy on the grounds there. There are plenty of picnic tables as well as covered areas. It is an extremely affordable weekend activity, one that your family will love.

Make sure to add Busch Wildlife to your must see places while in Palm Beach County.

What is your favorite part about visiting animal sanctuaries?

How do you teach your kids about helping animals and our environment?


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