Peppa Pig Muddy Puddles – Surprise Your Kiddos with a MESSY Breakfast

If I can admit one thing, it is that I enjoy Peppa Pig. Of course it is for the voiceovers most of all. I find it soothing, and absolutely love catching strange British vocabulary that I don’t normally hear.

My youngest loves Peppa and her family too. In fact, he says GEORGE with a British accent, because that is the only way he has ever heard that name. I secretly hope he always says GEORGE that way.

Peppa and both of my boys love Muddy Puddles. So of course some mornings we make Muddy Puddle Pancakes.

Make your favorite pancake mix and add chocolate chips – THAT’S IT! Anyone can do that. I haven’t created anything new, just put a twist on an old classic and my kids thought it was absolutely the coolest breakfast.

I absolutely love these tiny little chips. They melt very easily and you can change the amounts in each pancake. So if your kids like different amounts, it is super easy to control.

Or, if you let your kids make them the entire bag may get poured in. Hahahaha.

My pancake supervisors – My son as well as Peppa.

The great thing about Muddy Puddles is that they are far from perfect. The goal is to make them look messy.

Once you pour syrup on them, they are a sticky chocolaty mess that anyone will enjoy.

I also ordered these Peppa toys on Amazon. These are perfect to get ready for Peppa Pig’s Adventure Live on Stage.

Peppa Pig Live! is here with the ALL NEW action-packed live stage show, Peppa Pig’s Adventure!, featuring your favorite characters as life-size puppets! Join Peppa on an exciting camping trip to the woods with George and her school friends, including Pedro Pony, Suzy Sheep and Gerald Giraffe. With lunchboxes packed and Daddy Pig driving the bus, Peppa and friends are excited about their outdoor adventure, full of singing, dancing, games and surprises!

You can find dates near you here. Or if you are located in South Florida make sure to see the available tickets at the Kravis Center.

Plan a fun Valentine’s brunch or breakfast in bed with your kiddos this weekend.


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