Add this to your weekend plans – We Rock the Spectrum – Port St Lucie

Birthdays are stressful. I’m absolutely the one that puts all the pressure on myself. I completely know that. I love all of the planning and Pinterest-ing.. but as the day gets closer and the RSVP list gets longer… the fun disappears and I’m a sweaty messy mom who is ready for the day to be over.

I couldn’t do it again this year, and turned over all of the fun and entertainment to We Rock the Spectrum in Port St Lucie. What a complete difference it made.

In previous years we have had parties at our house, and it took a whole weekend.

Friday was setting up. Saturday was the party. Sunday was all about organizing and cleaning. Sound familiar?

Sidenote: In case you’re in need of last minute gifts, We Rock the Spectrum also has a full selection of Melissa and Doug products. Drop in, let your kiddos hang out while you shop and grab the perfect gift. I’m a huge lover of Melissa and Doug toys…you honestly can’t go wrong with any of their selections.

Now back to my party planning. All I honestly had to do was set a date and time. I didn’t have to worry about party games, or toys or activities. We Rock the Spectrum had everything the kids wanted to play with and I was actually able to talk to other parents at the party.

There is a private room that we had our cake and presents in. It was a secure place that was separate from the main play room, but still had a door leading right in. You are able to bring in a selection of snacks and drinks… and of course decorate the room in whatever theme your kids are loving.

I loved watching my little one play and interact with his friends on their own. From the grocery store center, to the vet and doctors office.

The rope climbing wall and zip line were awesome options as well. I have a full video of all of the excitement here.

This is Wes at the train table. He’s the owner of the Port St Lucie location and helped with all aspects of the party… every step of the way he was there to make sure all of the guests were comfortable and taken care of. It was like I had an extra set of eyes on a very busy day.

I was actually surprised that the four and five year olds loved the baby section, but they did. I was also happy that families that had younger baby siblings had a place for them to play too. I know most parties won’t have activities for such a wide range of ages, but this location is perfect for that.

Do your kids love to play dress up? They also have a large variety of costumes that your kiddos will be able to wear while they are playing an enjoying the day.

Even if you don’t have a party in mind. Small get togethers, mommy’s day out or just a rainy day. We Rock the Spectrum is a life saver and something Port St. Lucie for sure needed.

Stay updated on their Facebook page for classes and events throughout the month. Sometimes I find it’s easier to explore a new place when they are hosting events.


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