Something small that made a HUGE difference… (Dia&Co.)

I have not been out of my house in almost a month. Seriously, they said STAY HOME… I stayed home, aside from the casual trip to the Emergency Room for a broken arm of course.

This month was crazy busy for us. Well, it was supposed to be. Two different trips planned to Disney, a trip to North Florida to visit my parents farm, a parenting TV segment in West Palm, Orlando and Miami.

We were going to be ALL OVER THE STATE. I love being busy. I love organizing being busy… and I love helping others stay calm in their busy.

I also had a speaking event at a Women’s Empowerment Workshop about social media and growing your business online. We were booked.

…and then we weren’t booked. Slowly everything was postponed, and then ultimately cancelled. We all know how the rest of this story goes, and that leads me to the fact that I am still at home.

Finding our new normal, getting used to doing ALL the things without leaving.

Before the world came to this humongous pause, I ordered my first Style Box with Dia & Co. – I wanted to find someone to help me find the perfect outfits for all of my “public” appearances. I needed professional help. Fashion is not something I have ever felt confident in. I was ready to change that.

When my box arrived, I opened it with a little sadness. What was I going to do with all of them? Keep them? Send them back? I took a look through all of them…

They were perfect.

They were stylish, they were comfortable and they were…. me. But now I had nowhere to wear them.

So the first week of my quarantine I wore pajamas. I was lazy, and waiting for things to go back to normal. They didn’t.

I had a Zoom Meeting booked with Taste and See South Florida to talk about making masks at home in the middle of my second week, so I got dressed and busted out one of my new Dia & Co. tops.

That one change in my day completely changed my week. I felt like me again, and I had no idea that was exactly the change I needed.

It didn’t matter that I didn’t have anywhere to “go”. I was safe at home, with my family and I felt better. I felt like me, and I felt like I could change the worlds from right behind my computer.

My kids could tell a difference too.

So now, I reach for my new Dia & Co. clothes and I wear them.

I find my favorite jewelry and makeup. It doesn’t matter I didn’t have anywhere to go.

That small change in my routine, new special clothes picked out just for me… made me remember why I had them. Because I had things to do and I still needed to get them done. It didn’t matter that I was still at home.

So now, I can’t wait to get my next box. To dig in and wear it all, and somehow find a bit of normalcy in my day.

Thank you so much to Dia and Co. for allowing me to be a brand ambassador. Now more than ever I know how important a new stylish, quality piece is.

Now, there’s even a new way to shop Dia&Co.!

Here is how, straight from the founder, Nadia Boujarwah:

“If you know what you’re looking for and are excited to find that perfect piece, you can do that! With our Shop feature, you’re able to shop directly from our collections, picking the items you want, any time you want.

If you want to get the expert advice of a stylist, or step outside your comfort zone and try something you might not pick for yourself, that also works! Our Style Box still allows you to receive a fully curated box based on your style, fit and budget preferences.

And if you are interested in both, we’ve built an experience for you as well. Co-Curation allows you to create your Dia Box alongside a stylist, adding items you like and letting your stylist fill in the rest.”


2 thoughts on “Something small that made a HUGE difference… (Dia&Co.)

  1. Hi Marianna!
    I’m a mompreneur from Chicago and found your post here today. I’d recently contacted folks at Dia&Co and would love your honest opinion on our patented accessory line. We hope to get our PortaPocket wearables picked up by them in the future. As you’re a current fan of their business, it’d be wonderful to get your thoughts on it with your independent voice. Our website’s listed below. Looking forward to your kind reply.

    I hope you are well and staying safe in this crazy upside down world we’re in.
    Thanks so much ~
    Kendra 🎈
    portapocket (dot) com

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