Celebrate Earth Day with Easy Handprint Art

I’ve have always loved when my kids bring home fingerprint art. Honestly, I don’t save too much of what they bring home unless it will have a sentimental meaning looking back on it in future years.

This American Flag is special to because of those tiny baby footprints. My youngest was 5 months old when we made it and I miss those adorable little feet.

It was time for me to change out the art work (yes, I’m still keeping the other one and will put it back in the frame closer to 4th of July) and I feel like Earth Day this year has such a heavier meaning. Not only are we remembering to take care of our planet, we are reminded we need to take care of each other.

I will say that during this time of being homebodies, my 7 year old has become a pretty awesome ironer.

I’ve always used acrylic paint for these types of projects, so if you do make sure they are making clothes that can get stained (worst case scenario).

Of course both of my boys wanted to paint their own hands, so I got to stand back and watch. I did a bot of directing though. Hand placement you know.

Once we had the circle of the Earth completed, all they needed to do was gill it in with water and land. Disclaimer: the land does not actually mimic or measure out to be any continent in particular. I really hope you already knew that though.

I usually do this on our kitchen counter, I have made the mistake of doing it on the floor and learned that the paint goes through the fabric and onto what ever is beneath it.

This one dries pretty fast. I did take it out to the garage to dry overnight before I put it into the frame. I also added the year and HOME.

This is hanging in the boys room and love it so much more than anything I could have bought from the store. It is super easy to change out with the season too!

Happy Earth Day – let’s remember this is HOME for everyone… we have to take care of it and each other.



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