Last Minute – 3 Ingredient Chewbacca Bites – 5 minutes to make a tasty Star Wars treat…

Did you forget today was Star Wars Day? Do you completely forget to plan for it? No worries! This is so simple, your 7 year old can do it. All you need are marshmallows, caramel and cereal. I’m quite certain any Chewbacca colored cereal will work. Don’t stress if it isn’t Cocoa Krispies.

We warmed up caramel (not super hot, just enough to make it thin). You could probably use chocolate syrup for this too.

Then roll the caramel covered marshmallow in the cereal pieces. Go slow to make sure to coat it well. Then let it rest and “harden” as the caramel cools off and gets stiff. This will help hold more cereal onto the marshmallow.

That’s it. They are ready to snack on and enjoy. So as you are turning on whatever your favorite Star Wars movie is… these are the perfect addition.

These are also a great finger food for any of your future Star Wars themed parties… so make sure to pin it for your next movie night in with the kiddos!

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