The BRIGHT Way to Vacation this Year: Stay Home, See Solar

Vacations have gone virtual while we’re taking the necessary time for social distancing. When you’re ready to explore, the world of FPL SolarNow awaits… in the meantime, these five reasons to enjoy a “Solar Staycation” will help you bring the vacation spirit home.

Read a digital book that showcases each of the 60+ SolarNow locations. This comprehensive volume shines a spotlight on the host locations, teaching you what makes each spot special and emphasizing clean energy.

Immerse yourself in a virtual visit to a local zoo. The series of educational videos take you directly to Florida zoos that have the unique solar arrays on-site and gives everyone a chance to learn how solar power is beneficial for wildlife.

If you want to feel like you’re drifting away to the soothing sounds of sea waves hitting the shores, take 30 seconds to watch a calming video of the FPL SolarNow solar parking canopy at Oceanfront Park in Boynton Beach.

Use digital meeting backgrounds to make your next virtual meeting pop. You’ll be Solar “Staycationing” from your couch while looking as if you’re in the middle of an FPL universal solar energy center or tropical FPL SolarNow destination.

Download coloring activities for kids, which have solar trees and zoo animals. Show your family how solar energy in Florida is helping the Sunshine State live up to its name.
This fun trip theme will give you the chance to see what solar technology looks like even while you stay home, and will introduce your family to the renewable energy source that’s playing a big role in how the state is powered.

Solar trees and canopies are making destinations into local landmarks for clean energy, so you and your family can virtually explore what they have to offer – while making memories that will last a lifetime.


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