Simple (3 ingredient) Mickey Trail Mix Treats

What are your favorite parts of trail mix? Salty and sweet right?

I ALWAYS find that these are the two ingredients missing from our trail mix after my kids have gone through it. So instead of sad lonely peanuts at the bottom of the bag, I thought we could make our Mickey trail mix out of the best parts. The salt and the sweet.

3 simple ingredients – Chocolate Candy Melts, Pretzels and M&M’s

After you have gathered the ingredients, have your kids do the next step. Simply put the chocolate on top of the pretzels on a microwave safe plate. You will have way more pretzels than one bag of chocolate, so plan accordingly.

Heat for 10-15 second, just until the chocolate is soft but not melted.

Place one regular sized candy and two mini candies to make the shape of Mickey’s head. You have to do this part fast because the chocolate hardens up quickly. Try to do a small batch first to perfect your timing… my fingers were able to do it faster than the boys. They had a great time sorting (and sneaking) the M&M’s.

The awesome thing about these is you can make them up to a week in advance of a trip or party, and leave them in an airtight container to stay fresh. No last minute rushing.

Use all of the colors or get specific depending on your party theme or holiday.

We used these for a Mickey themed birthday party at We Rock the Spectrum in Port St Lucie – they were easy for the kids to grab and eat without making a mess. Find out more about our party and favors here.

These also fit quite nicely into your Disney park bag. The perfect amount of sweet as you’re walking around the park. Here are a few other things that are great to take with you.

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