Fall Family Bucket List – 7 Easy things to plan this month…

Our Fall must do list has dramatically changed from previous years. I think the frustrating part is I don’t know what will be open, what will be limited and what will be so overcrowded that we would need to avoid it all together.

So I started putting together a few of our own activities that I know we can plan no matter what the conditions are in our area.

Backyard Campfire

No matter how big or small your yard might be, a small campfire is nothing but magical. Years ago we had a little fire pit from Target and it was just as great. Roast marshmallows, cook mountain pies or try these Campfire Eclairs…

Bake Something Yummy

We have already been in the kitchen NON-STOP. It’s really out of control at this point, but I can’t say no to anytime the boys want to make something. I hope they will look back on these days and bake the same things with their kids too. Just last week we made Gooey Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bars, but you could also try these easy Sliced Carmel Apples… get in the kitchen and get messy.

Boo Your Neighbors

Even though we won’t be doing our normal trick or treating this year, that doesn’t mean we can’t pop by a few of our favorite neighbors houses and leave them fun treats. Big or small. Store bought or hand made – it’s the thought that counts. Honestly with everything we bake – it’s nice to give most of it away when we can.

Ghost Stories with Flashlights

You don’t have to tell share scary stories… just some of your favorite tall tales. Or if your imagination is escaping you – head to the library and check out their collection of fall/Halloween books. The flashlight is the most important part of this though. Any story told with a flashlight automatically becomes better. Try it out.

Handprint Art

Don’t skip this one. Every year we add on to our collection and I know it’s something I will keep forever. Their little hands in the shapes of pumpkins or ghosts. I think we have a few mummies and frankenmonsters too. If you are looking for inspiration check out these examples.

Pumpkin Painting Contest

Of course this pictures is not from this year…but it doesn’t make the idea any less fun. Instead of competing with friends- compete with your family… or host a Zoom Pumpkin Painting Party. I love using small craft pumpkins, because they last longer and I can store them to use as decorations in future years. Come up with a theme or specific color palette. If you start doing this each year, by the time your kids are in their teens you might just have your own miniature pumpkin patch.

Go to a Farmers Market/ Create Your Own Soup

Have you been to your favorite Farmer’s Market recently? Most of ours are open again and could totally use as much support as we could give them. Let your kids go and pick out a new vegetable they’ve never had before or think of a soup or stew your kids could help make and go grab everything you need from your local farmers. The best way to follow that up is with the best Fall movie ever – You’ve Got Mail… Does anyone else think that is a fall movie? 🙂

Whatever it is that you do this fall…make it fun, make it memorable and most of all be in the moment.


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