Making the Best of a NEW YEAR – 10 questions to help your kids create a vision board…

I’m not the only one that had to cancel plans this past year. Cancel, rebook, reschedule and then simply not plan anything. It goes against everything I am as a LIST maker.

Basic supplies from around the house for our vision boards.

I make lists. I check things off one by one… and then I make another list. 2020 took that away from me. All of the list makers around the world had to start making lists of puzzles, home projects, books to read.

I’m ready for my 2021 list.

My oldest looking up pictures for his vision board.

I wanted to make sure the boys made their own vision boards too. As a mom, I’m always busy making family plans. When I ask the boys what they want to do I never really get a response other than shoulder shrugs and “I don’t know”. Not anymore. This is going to help me figure out some of the things we can do as a family.

Even the youngest kids can come up with things that they would love to do with their friends and family.

I know some people might think four is too young to know what they want to do this year, you’re probably right. I want to get him into the practice of thinking ahead. Of seeing us make plans and follow through with them. I want both of my boys to know they really can accomplish anything if they make a plan on how to get there. Small things and things that take years.

The messiness of creativity.

Of course my vision board couldn’t be a shoot for the stars kind of thing. With COVID still being a very real thing, I wanted to make sure to keep that in mind. This is not the year to add Ireland onto the board. I’m OK with that. That is for another time.

Youngest son working on vision board.

I’m not really sure how to understand my youngest vision board, other than we laughed – HARD – at everything he came up with that he wanted to include. We got sidetracked googling — (any animal name) + wig. That’s what he wanted on his board… funny animals, wearing wigs.

It actually gave me an idea for mine though.

Vision Board for 2021

As you are brainstorming your vision board with kids ask them a few questions.

What did you like doing this year?

What would you like to do more of?

What makes you smile? What makes you feel happy? (make sure to add these things to the list)

What’s something that you have never done but want to try?

What’s something that looks scary to do, but you might want to try?

What is something new you would like to learn?

What is something you might be able to teach someone else?

What was your favorite part of out last trip?

How can we help people in our community?

Four year old vision board.
Eight year old vision board.

Now some of the things on his list I knew he wanted to do… but an outdoor camping trip is something I can easily include into our 2021 plans (don’t tell…but I booked a camping weekend away after he put this on his list).

I will say I have no idea how to get him on a submarine ride??? But know that I know that is something he is interested in, I can carry it with me…something I would have never known if we had not created these boards together.

I plan on revisiting our boards throughout the year, and adding to it. I also want to celebrate the goals we accomplish…to encourage forward motion…but also show that no matter what – we can continue to be learners and continue to grow, even if that feels like a struggle sometimes.


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