Key Lime Clusters – Easy Pool Side Snack

Every year around the same time Publix (our grocery store in Florida) comes out with their Key Lime Pie commercials. I was never really a fan of Key Lime Pie simply because I never had it around as a kid. I think it just didn’t exist in my world until I moved to South Florida.

I had actually never had one until I had to make 25 of them for work, years ago. That story will have to wait for another day. But from that moment I started trying out different Key Lime Pies, and if you ever travel down to the Keys there are plenty to fight over.

I’m now obsessed. I love them. Every variety. Except maybe the frozen one on a stick.  But if it’s on a menu somewhere… I will order it.

This is such a easy way to get a taste of Key Lime Pie with less mess. It’s easy to travel with and you are able to make a bunch at one time. Think about all of your summer functions coming up that you need to take something. Take this!

Heat white chocolate in the microwave until it is completely melted. Do not let it cool as you are making this or your batch will get chunky and just won’t work. You’ll need to do this with a little pep in your step.

Zest one lime into the melted chocolate and squeeze half of a lime into the chocolate. Mix well. If your lime isn’t producing much juice stick it in the microwave for a few seconds. Thank you Rachael Ray for that tid bit. Totally works.

I can’t believe that I couldn’t find actual Key Limes to make this. Yes, regular limes (these are Persian) work just fine.

Stir in pretzels and Golden Grahams. I didn’t measure these out. Just pour a little at a time evenly coating each piece. If you want to add other things, feel free. It’s a very fun forgiving recipe.

Pour everything out on to a sheet of wax paper or a cookie sheet, squeeze the other half of the lime out onto the mixture and let it harden. Pour in marshmallows too.

That’s it. Get your kids help with these. Maybe even send some into school as a teacher thank you. Fill little containers and take them to your neighbors. Share the love.

I can’t wait to eat some of this while I’m out by the pool this weekend. So much easier than trying to take a whole pie ya know.

There you have it. The easiest Key Lime Clusters you will ever make, and the yummiest.


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