Father’s Day Gift Guide – Disney Edition

I’ve decided to do a few different Father’s Day Gift Guides this year… mainly because I think there are so many different cool and unique gifts your kids could give DAD.

I’ve been watching my Instastories non-stop today with the reopening of Disney Springs stores, and while I’m not there, I thought a Disney themed gift guide would be a fun place to start.

There is a wide range of prices throughout the list, and I’m hoping you might find the perfect gift or either a perfect add on gift for the special guy in your life.

Kitchen Supplies

Let’s start in the kitchen shall we… from morning coffee to breakfast in bed…these fun gifts can get your day off to a great start.

Keep it fun and yummy with this Mickey Mouse waffle maker and bring coffee with this Rex from Toy Story Mug. Or if he’s more of an iced coffee type of guy look into these fun ice cube molds that will fit perfectly in a Classic Mickey Mouse Tervis.

I seem to always buy a mug or three here are two more that would be fun for your non-traditional Disney fans. Jabba the Hutt or Nightmare before Christmas.


While dad is cozy enjoying breakfast and his morning cup of Joe, make sure he is cozy in these pajamas. My husband wears them around all the time, not just on special Disney days.

So depending on what dad’s favorite movie franchise is, there are pajama bottoms for that. Some even come with tops. Most of the time we stick to Traditional Mickey, like the red flannel pair. Or you could have the classic grey and black combination.

Don’t leave out Pizza Planet from Toy Story though. It’s a little more hidden and doesn’t scream out I love Disney, but on the inside we know he does.

Puzzles and Table Activities

I always love finding “activities” that the boys can do with hubby. Puzzles and Legos are always an easy and of course traditional way to go, but they work!

We actually have this 1000 piece puzzle and the pieces are smaller than a standard puzzle, or at least I think so. It’s neat because the puzzle really is in the shape of Mickey’s head so lots of round edges.

Secretly I would love this Steamboat Willie set, and it is a bit on the pricier end, but if you dad loves Legos this isn’t a set that you will stumble upon in the big box stores.

Office Decor

Or think about decorating dad’s office with these fun ride prints. I think they are awesome to look at and consider what the actual engineers were doing the day they were created.


If your husband doesn’t have a watch collection, start one… hear me out. You will always have at least one thing to get him, he will never really add on to his collection because he gets excited about what watch he will get, and get him really cool watches that get compliments. That’s the most important part.

These are a variety of price points, and a great start to a watch collection. The Hidden Mickey Red Face Watch, the Classic Brown Leather Band Watch, or my favorite the Comic Strip Mickey Face. YES! Those are comic strips that are making up his face.


If you are still stuck for an idea, a park tee is perfect (once the parks open up that is). I tend to gravitate toward the retro feel, or this year a bit of tie dye.

Look how awesome this Mickey Evolution tee is.

Fan of Pirates or Peter Pan? Try this one.

And last but not least This Florida Mom loves a Mickey with palm trees. You could even upgrade this design to matching families shirts if you were so bold.

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