Rainbow Candy Grapes

I didn’t realize how popular these grapes would be as I was making them. It seemed that as fast as I could make them my boys were walking by and grabbing them.

They are a super simple and quick snack to make for a bunch of different occasions. The great thing about these is that you can customize the colors that you use.

I grabbed a bunch of colors to use… and this part is completely up to you. I will say the sugar free type spread much smoother, but there was less in the box. The regular kind had larger chunks when they rolled onto the grape, but could have probably covered an entire bunch.

I used a bowl of grapes submerged in water but I’m sure you could try it out with frozen grapes too.

Take a toothpick and pick up a wet grape. It’s important that it stays wet. This is how the Jello will stick to it. If they are dry…it will NOT work.

You can see that this Jello had sugar so it is a bit chunkier than the sugar free.

I was probably missing at least a third of what I made, but who can be mad at this face.

This is also a great “Kids in the Kitchen” project.

I laid them all out on parchment paper to dry, but they are practically dry as soon as they are set down. That’s it. Roll wet grapes in dry Jello. Magical Rainbow Candy Grapes.

I love the idea of a leprechaun leaving these for guests to enjoy on St. Patrick’s Day.

These are also a fun springtime snack to surprise your kids with, or make for a colorful birthday party.

Where would you take Rainbow Grapes?


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