Hidden Mickey Easter Nests

I’m not sure when it happened, but sometime in the last year… I see Hidden Mickey’s everywhere. If you aren’t familiar with what a Hidden Mickey is, it’s exactly what it sounds like. Finding the outline of Mickey in unusual places.

If you ever get a chance to visit a Disney property, it’s one of the magical things that keeps you busy in lines. It’s also one of the charming ways they are able to entertain guests that visit on a regular basis.

As all of the Easter decorations have started to go on sale at Michaels, I was able to complete this entire project for just around $10.  Don’t forget to take those coupons in with you!!

I found the nests with eggs in the Easter section already at 40% off. The larger empty bird nests were in the moss section. Is that what it is called? Not sure… but if you find the moss, you will more than likely find these nests.

Ta-da. A Hidden Mickey Nest…perfect for springtime and Easter decorations.

Time to bust out hot glue and wire. This I already had. You can use any type of floral wire, twine or some random whatever this is that has been in my garage since before we moved in. I did it. I found a project for it!

I use the wire just to give it additional support and let the hot glue set.

This entire project took about 10 minutes to make and it honestly came out more cute than I imagined. I have the completed nests in different spots along with other decorations and they really are “Hidden Mickey’s”. They aren’t tacky obvious, but a fun little ah-ha moment. Billiam actually asked where they were after overlooking them a few times.

I added a few brown paper eggs to the large nests I already had but it could be fun to add eggs that are actually Disney designed. Or possibly a small Tsum-Tsum along with some of the smaller eggs. The great thing about projects like this is that you can use some of your Disney trinkets in new and different ways.

Do you find ways to add Hidden Mickey’s to your holiday decorations? I would love to see your pictures if you do!


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