5 Drive-In Must Haves – Make It An Experience To Remember

I hate to admit it but I had never gone to a Drive In movie until this week. I’m not sure why, but I know now with theaters in our area closed (who knows how long) it is going to be something we do more on the weekends.

Waiting for the Drive In Movie to start – Legacy Place

For social distancing, it was amazing. Everyone kept their space, wore masks outside of their vehicle and I honestly felt like people were just happy to be out. The night was beautiful too. Florida weather can be tricky and up until the night of the movie, it was supposed to rain. We were going anyway, it didn’t matter.

  1. Take plenty of blankets and pillows.

We grabbed one of our old comforters and the boys pillows from their room. It’s better to have too many than not enough in my opinion. Making sure the back of a vehicle is cozy for two hours is the goal. Keep in mind they will get dirty with shoes and snack crumbs.

2. Chairs and a TV Tray (or small table).

Depending on the location, you may be able to set up chairs outside of your vehicle. We let our kids have the back of the SUV and we enjoyed a nice setup outside. The table was perfect for the pizza we had delivered (one of the awesome perks of the Drive In at Legacy Place) – or for anything that you don’t want on the ground.

Think about the perfect tailgate setup or picnic at the park, and get some inspiration from that.

3. A Cooler Full of Your Favorite Beverages

We have a soft sided cooler that we take EVERYWHERE. It is lightweight, collapsable and never makes a mess. (linked here) It is the perfect night to fill it with drinks your kids might not get on a regular basis. Maybe some of their favorite fruit drinks or slushies. Our kids were surprised with Yoo-Hoo’s and you would think they won the lottery.

Make sure to take a few ice packs…depending on the weather these will also double as a way to cool off if it is a little warm out.

4. Snacks, snacks and more snacks.

When I mentioned making the drinks for your kids special, this is also the perfect time to go over the top with goodies they might not normally get.

Bringing the perfect snacks is a great way to surprise your kiddos.

I grabbed these organizers at the Dollar Spot at Target but they can really be found at any store. Make sure to get the kind that divide, that way you can easily separate what you put in them. It also allows you to change it up depending on what your kids love.

Fill a caddy with your perfect snacks to keep it organized.

Make sure to throw in a few of YOUR favorites too. Remember adults can be kids too sometimes.

5. Get there early.

Fully set up and ready for the movie to start – get there early to pick out your spot.

I’m serious. If you want the best seat in the house, make sure to arrive in time to get it. Once a vehicle is parked, it’s there. If you show up just before the movie starts (just like in a real theater) you might not be thrilled with the spots left.

We actually enjoyed getting to Legacy Place early. It gave us the perfect amount of time to get a spot, set up and order food.

Keep this in mind when you are planning your evening.

A perfect night in South Florida for a movie – Legacy Place, Palm Beach Gardens

We absolutely loved our experience at Legacy Place in Palm Beach Gardens and can’t wait to go back next month.

If you are in the South Florida area, make sure to follow their socials (Instagram, Facebook) to stay up to date with drive in information and the next showing.

I just might see you there. 🙂

The BRIGHT Way to Vacation this Year: Stay Home, See Solar

Vacations have gone virtual while we’re taking the necessary time for social distancing. When you’re ready to explore, the world of FPL SolarNow awaits… in the meantime, these five reasons to enjoy a “Solar Staycation” will help you bring the vacation spirit home.

Read a digital book that showcases each of the 60+ SolarNow locations. This comprehensive volume shines a spotlight on the host locations, teaching you what makes each spot special and emphasizing clean energy.

Immerse yourself in a virtual visit to a local zoo. The series of educational videos take you directly to Florida zoos that have the unique solar arrays on-site and gives everyone a chance to learn how solar power is beneficial for wildlife.

If you want to feel like you’re drifting away to the soothing sounds of sea waves hitting the shores, take 30 seconds to watch a calming video of the FPL SolarNow solar parking canopy at Oceanfront Park in Boynton Beach.

Use digital meeting backgrounds to make your next virtual meeting pop. You’ll be Solar “Staycationing” from your couch while looking as if you’re in the middle of an FPL universal solar energy center or tropical FPL SolarNow destination.

Download coloring activities for kids, which have solar trees and zoo animals. Show your family how solar energy in Florida is helping the Sunshine State live up to its name.
This fun trip theme will give you the chance to see what solar technology looks like even while you stay home, and will introduce your family to the renewable energy source that’s playing a big role in how the state is powered.

Solar trees and canopies are making destinations into local landmarks for clean energy, so you and your family can virtually explore what they have to offer – while making memories that will last a lifetime.

Raspberry Sourdough White Chocolate Muffins

We have been baking more than ever before. I know like a most families, when we were finally able to get flour again, we tried to come up with as many fun and different ways to use it. Not just for regular cakes and cookies.

It has also helped break up screen time on days that are crazy hot in South Florida. You will find I make sure the kids help me in the kitchen as much as possible. It is great with fractions, measurements and simply reading and following directions.

I leave everything out on the counter, my older son tends to read the directions and do the measurements and my younger son loves mixing and sorting out wet and dry ingredients.

This was the first recipe I used my sourdough starter discards. I know that sounds a bit scary and it still kinda is, as I am learning how to take care of and grow my sourdough starter. I was totally inspired by Little Spoon Farm’s Blueberry Crumble recipe, so she gets all of the credit for this. Make sure to check out her step by step instructions.

I didn’t have blueberries though so substituted raspberries. I also threw in white chocolate chips because… why not???

I don’t want to say this was the absolute best muffin I’ve ever had… but for sure, it was. I honestly believe the sourdough made all of the difference.

Now the bad part of baking so much is that I have to give most of it away or I will sit and eat it all day. 🙂 I think my boys are the only kids that aren’t crazy about homemade treats. They love making them but not so much eating them.

I wonder how our new neighbors will feel about their “Welcome to the Neighborhood” treat delivery.

5 Things to Know While Planning Your First Airboat Ride – Southern Style Airboat

If we are being honest I’ve never planned an airboat ride for my family because I was too nervous to. Trusting a captain I didn’t know, to go out into the Everglades. The Everglades filled with gators and pythons and millions of insects. Just some of the things I know are out there. Not to mention all of the things under the water.

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Lemon Lime Sugar Cookie Balls – An Easy Summer Snack

I’ve known my husband for over 10 years and for some reason this weekend when I said I was going to make Lemon-Lime Truffles he informed me he doesn’t like lemon desserts….huh??? You’ve got to be kidding me.

So instead of Lemon-Lime Cookie Balls I told him I was making Lime Cookie Balls.

What he doesn’t know…

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Explore Your Area – The Navy SEAL Museum – Florida Treasure Coast

I’ve lived on the Treasure Coast for the past 10 years and had never been to the Navy SEAL Museum. How is that possible?

This summer, like many families, we are planning on staying in our area and exploring ways to learn more about our community while staying safe.

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