Three Easy Ways To Have Your Kids Help Around the House

Kids can do chores. (Insert gasp here…)

Yes! They are capable of doing much more than most parents expect these days.

I remember when I was in Kindergarten doing chores. You probably did too.

Setting the table for dinner. Clearing the plates after dinner. Dusting the living room shelves. I always loved that one. Continue reading “Three Easy Ways To Have Your Kids Help Around the House”



We all get overwhelmed. It happens. It’s OK.

The more important part is how we deal with being overwhelmed. As adults, we struggle to manage our feelings. How do you handle it when your kids get overwhelmed? It’s so important to teach them how to deal with being overwhelmed. Think about it. How have you talked to your kids about dealing with struggle? Just saying things like “figure it out” or “it happens to everyone” doesn’t help. We as parents need to teach them how to process being overwhelmed. Continue reading “Overwhelmed “

Tidying Up 

I would consider myself an organized person… but then I see what organized people do in their houses and think there is absolutely NO WAY I am organized. I’m not sure why organizing videos on YouTube are addicting… but they absolutely are to me. Honestly, I enjoy watching them before I go to sleep. They are extremely relaxing to me. Continue reading “Tidying Up “

Pillow Covers

So the pillows that we have came with the couch. I remember liking them..but now looking at them…that can’t be true…can it? They annoy me. We only got our living room set 4 years ago but I’m ready for a new one. Is that normal? Because I know getting a new one is not an option (right now) I figured I’d start out by recovering my throw pillows. Continue reading “Pillow Covers”

I know a thing or two about sippy cups…

Here is my collection so far…what would you like to know? I’m not sure there were this many options in sippy cups when I transitioned from a bottle. I only remember the Tupperware sippy cups with plastic lids. I’m not even sure I used those, I just remember the cool kids in pre-school had them. Continue reading “I know a thing or two about sippy cups…”

The Completed “Wall”

I’ve known for a while that when we did Hucklebaby’s nursery I wasn’t going to go with any “theme”. No animals or bugs…nothing too cutesy. I also started thinking about the nursery before we knew if he was a he or she…so it had to be something that would work for a girl or a boy. We decided to stick with solid colors. Ones that could be used for our next child down the road as well. I wanted something colorful though. Continue reading “The Completed “Wall””