Conversation Heart Chocolate Cookies

Do you ever wake up one morning and have absolutely no idea it was supposed to rain all day? I even looked at other places around the state to go. 75% of Florida was covered in water, so staying in and working around the house seemed like the thing to do.

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Candy Cookies – Make These Tonight

With as much as I am a sugar addict… I know when there is too much in my house. I also know I have to get it out as quickly as possible.

This candy has become a problem.

The kids ask for it every day, I eat it every day… and somehow it hasn’t made a dent in it. I’m swimming in sugary candy goodness. It’s a love-hate relationship. Continue reading “Candy Cookies – Make These Tonight”

Super Simple Cornflake Almond Butter Lunchbox Cookies

Looking for a super simple new recipe to include in your kiddos lunchbox? Then here you go. Seriously ANYONE can make these. It’s almost the same way you would make rice Krispy treats except for completely different ingredients and a completely different flavor. Although, you could make these with peanut butter… almond butter has such a sweeter flavor, that makes them that much more special and delicious. Continue reading “Super Simple Cornflake Almond Butter Lunchbox Cookies”

S’mores Cake

When I saw that National S’mores Day was this week I had no other choice than to think about what type of s’mores goodness I could make. I is still way too hot in South Florida to actually enjoy going out and making them the classic way, so that option was off the table.

What I could do was make a S’mores cake. I say cake loosely because it really just is a fancy brownie. So I guess you could say I made a S’mores brownie cake. Continue reading “S’mores Cake”

Deep Ocean Swirl Ice Cream

Did you know it’s Shark Week? It’s one of those things that I never really paid attention to until I had little boys scooting around the house. The two groups of people that know the most about sharks, I believe, are marine biologists and 5-year-old boys.

Of course, since it is Shark Week we have been talking a lot about the ocean and its animals. This originally started out as Galaxy Ice Cream since we had been talking about space so much but it easily transitioned into Deep Ocean Ice Cream (the colors were pretty much the same so I went with it). Continue reading “Deep Ocean Swirl Ice Cream”

Strawberry Basil Jam

I can’t grow many things… but basil can survive anything. It sits out in open pots at the grocery store under fluorescent lights… I mean, you really have to try and kill basil. With that being said I have 2 pots of basil that won’t stop growing and can’t deal with making any more pesto. I also hate not using it and wasting all my hard work gardening. Hehe. Continue reading “Strawberry Basil Jam”

Perfect Potluck Dish – Quick and Easy

I am not claiming this is healthy by any means, but it is a simple go to that we have been using for a few years now and it is always a hit. Four ingredients is all you really need for the base, add anything else and it’s up to you. It is a super easy side to make the day before or as you are running out the door. Continue reading “Perfect Potluck Dish – Quick and Easy”

Cheesecake Confetti Crescent

I had every intention of making a cheesecake today. I didn’t have the energy… and I’m tired of the ones from the store (how is that even possible). I wanted to make something with the boys but knew there was no way I was leaving to go get ingredients, so I needed to make something using what I already had. Time to dig around. Continue reading “Cheesecake Confetti Crescent”

Super Easy Chocolate Covered Gummies

An easy way to save money on holiday goodies is to grab Halloween candy in November, when it is super cheap. It’s great to keep on hand for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Don’t worry about the Halloween shapes, once you start baking with it, it all becomes chocolate goodness. Here is a simple, kid-friendly project that takes less than 15 minutes. Continue reading “Super Easy Chocolate Covered Gummies”