After Testing Fun – Peeps and Eggs

State testing…who doesn’t love it?

After the kiddos sit for hours in silence doing their absolute best on state tests (hopefully)…I like doing something fun and a little out if the ordinary with them. Last week we were gearing up for Easter and as soon as I pulled out Peeps, I had their attention. Continue reading “After Testing Fun – Peeps and Eggs”

An Almost Sugar Free Easter Basket 

I can’t do an Easter basket of candy. I can’t. I’m afraid Hucklebaby has my love of sugar. One bite and he won’t stop until all of the candy is gone. I promise you this, if he doesn’t eat it all I will. Quickly. That’s the last thing either of us need.

So I’ve told myself the same thing about Easter baskets and Christmas stockings. Little to no candy. My only Easter exception is Peeps. They are an Easter tradition around these parts. Continue reading “An Almost Sugar Free Easter Basket “

Getting Ready For Easter – Plus an Awesome GIVEAWAY!!! 

We decorated for Easter the day after St. Patty’s day and I have learned in the past year or so that if I want to add on to my decorations, they must be Hucklebaby friendly.

I am loving anything that uses his fine motor skills at the moment, I’m sure that won’t change…and so when I see projects we can do together, that I can store away and bring out year after year…I grab them. Continue reading “Getting Ready For Easter – Plus an Awesome GIVEAWAY!!! “

Hucklebaby’s Book Club

This month I couldn’t decide just one book to choose from for Hucklebaby’s book club, so I picked two. I made the rules…I can break them right. 🙂 One was a no brainer…The Bad Easter Bunny, because well…it’s Easter and fluffy fun Easter Bunnies are everywhere. Let’s give the bad one some love. The second book was Hookitty-Tookitty-Tah. Continue reading “Hucklebaby’s Book Club”