High Interest Books for High Energy Kids

So I’m pretty sure I’ve expressed my love of books. All books. But for some reason, my oldest son is over it. He actually told me the other day that all of his books were “BORING”. Gaaaaaaassssssspppppp!!!! I stood there in his doorway, speechless.

I took that as a challenge. No one hates books. Especially someone I created… 🙂

He just hasn’t found the right books yet. Continue reading “High Interest Books for High Energy Kids”


We all get overwhelmed. It happens. It’s OK.

The more important part is how we deal with being overwhelmed. As adults, we struggle to manage our feelings. How do you handle it when your kids get overwhelmed? It’s so important to teach them how to deal with being overwhelmed. Think about it. How have you talked to your kids about dealing with struggle? Just saying things like “figure it out” or “it happens to everyone” doesn’t help. We as parents need to teach them how to process being overwhelmed. Continue reading “Overwhelmed “

Literacy on the Water – Toddler Style

I love looking at mom pages on Facebook for different weekend events…and not too long I saw this one. I usually screenshot them and when Saturday rolls around I can flip through the pictures and see all of the events I was interested in throughout the week, instead of searching through all of the groups and pages again. If I don’t screenshot it when I see it..I will never remember it or be able to find it again. Continue reading “Literacy on the Water – Toddler Style”