High Interest Books for High Energy Kids

So I’m pretty sure I’ve expressed my love of books. All books. But for some reason, my oldest son is over it. He actually told me the other day that all of his books were “BORING”. Gaaaaaaassssssspppppp!!!! I stood there in his doorway, speechless.

I took that as a challenge. No one hates books. Especially someone I created… 🙂

He just hasn’t found the right books yet. Continue reading “High Interest Books for High Energy Kids”


End of the Year Kindergarten ABC Countdown -Week 1

So last week as I was going through my Sunday blog reading I found several teachers doing an ABC countdown. What? This is my first year in Kindergarten so sometimes I forget fun cute things like this. I knew I needed to start it right away. I liked the ideas I saw but wanted to add on to them. Continue reading “End of the Year Kindergarten ABC Countdown -Week 1”