February Favorites – Hucklebaby and Me (4 months)

February has been such an eventful month…new milestones reached and toys discovered. One of my favorite things to do each day is watching Hucklebaby’s eyes light up as he is understanding and playing with a new toy. Some of the favorites he has been playing with this month are ones we have been playing with together.



Bright Starts Grab and Stack Blocks – There are 4 of these in a set, 2 of them have bells inside, the other 2 have the crunchy paper that seems to be included in so many baby toys. Whatever it is…he loves it. These are easy to wash too, which is a huge plus for me. I’ve thrown them in a cold load of wash and let them air dry. He likes gumming on the sides of them which has a fabric the feel of a dog collar.


Baby Bath Time – We enjoy the wash more so than the lotion. The lotion I found leaves a bit of a sticky feeling after I use it, but the wash is nice and calming. Anytime I smell it now I think…time for bed. It has become part of our night time routine. I’m pretty sure it will be a smell I always associate with him being a newborn. I’m ok with that. 🙂


Infintano Frog Chew – This also has the crinkle paper that he loves to chew. It’s nice that it has a hook on the top that can attach to most anything to keep it from falling on the ground. Plus you can just trow it in the wash and airdry…you have to know that’s my favorite by now. Easy clean toys.


Soft Books – A huge save. I went down the soft book road after he started chewing on his real paper books. He’s still too young to know how to treat his books but I still want him to be able to learn to love them without having to worry about destroying him. I have a whole pile of various soft books now.


Baby Einstein Discovery Drums – This is perfect for him when he is sitting in his highchair while I am in the kitchen. Me doing the dishes only entertains him for so long. I was worried he would try to pick it up and throw it onto our tile floor. I’m sure it wouldn’t survive too many of those trips…but he has been great with it so far and still enjoying it. Plus it lights up! 😉


Rhino Toys Mini Beebo – This is easy for him to wrap his cute little hands around. It really wasn’t anything I thought was going to be a favorite. I think it was around $5.00 at Target that I grabbed one day when I was pregnant and had no idea what to get, but wanted to buy something for my baby. I grabbed this and I’m so glad I did. Perfect to wash in the dishwasher too.



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