First Birthday Party…

This weekend was all about Hucklebaby’s 1st birthday. I have a little over a month to get everything together. You see, I wasn’t planning on actually having a birthday party for him. He’s turning one. He won’t remember. I don’t remember mine, and after asking both of my parents…they have no clue if I even had a party or not. I wasn’t too worried about a first birthday… I guess that made me the worst mother in the world.

After a few conversations with different people, I gave in. He’s having a party. Finding a location for a party (not at our house) was more difficult than I thought. Not that I couldn’t find a place, I just couldn’t find a place that wasn’t expensive. Again, it’s his first birthday. I’ll pay more when I know its going to be something he’s going to enjoy.

We did finally find a location I think will be perfect, at a local park. Nothing too fancy. It was actually the last pavilion left to rent that weekend. Next year I know I have to start my location scouting at least two months out. Is that normal everywhere? Or only in South Florida?


Now that we have the location, it’s time to start planning decorations. I’m really worried about the weather though. There is nothing I can do to control that so I’m trying to push it out of my mind. I don’t want to be one of those crazy moms that spends an insane amount of money on the party so I’m just going to grab party goodies along the way.

We had an A.C. Moore open here this weekend so I popped in to see what it was all about. For those of you who have never been, it seems like another Michaels. I’m not sure what their price comparisons are going to be in the long run but I’ve never waited in line that long at any other craft store. I think everyone in town was there. My mom came with me, she loves craft stores as much as I do, so I had someone to chat with while we were waiting. Here are a few of the things I grabbed.


I HAD to get paper straws. I’ve been seeing them everywhere, so Hucklebaby will have them at his party. I loved these cupcake liners. Not sure if I’ll use them for his party or just for my next batch.


Glitter papers for a few accents. I know I’m going to use lots of bold colors for his theme, so I figured why not. I saw a cool little project on Pintrest with the first letter in your child’s name. I grabbed an H. I’ll make sure to post about it once it is done.

I also grabbed a few things for me…not sure why I needed them, I just did.


I loved this bandana for the color. I used to wear them all the time, maybe I will again. Owl patches, because they are amazing. Beads…I was really drawn to these.

I picked up a few more basic supplies too. I didn’t snap a picture before I put those away. Now I need to get off of the computer and start working on my birthday crafting. 🙂


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