Glitter Mugs- A super easy How-To

If you are looking for an easy hostess gift or even a teacher gift, this is the perfect thing this year. The more you do the cheaper each one actually gets. You will only need a few supplies…all you can get a dollar store and craft store. I’ve made 16 so far and they came out to around $2.50 each…but I have plenty of glitter and glue for future mugs.


$1 mugs – you can probably get them cheaper if you shop around clearance sections or possibly thrift stores if it doesn’t matter if they match.

Dishwasher Safe Mod Podge – I got mine at Michaels for around $5 after the coupon.

Super fine glitter (various colors) – again I got these at Michaels. A little goes a long way. $3 for one container.

Iron on glitter vinyl – $16 – the most expensive part. If you have time order it online to save money.

A few sponge brushes and paint brushes – I already had these.So when I buy something for a project from The Dollar Tree, I usually buy all of one item. The store I went to only had 16 of this type mug. I knew that the more I purchased the cheaper they were going to be because I had plenty of the other supplies to go around. Plus it’s always nice to have extras to give someone that you may forget. Not saying you will forget someone, but it never fails…as soon as I start handing out stuff like this there is always a person or two that I miss somehow. Even as I am typing this I am thinking about more mugs that I need to buy. I have seen tutorials where someone puts painters tape around the mug to make a clean line. I tried it…it took too much time and my lines never met up. It was much easier for me to do it free hand with a sponge paint brush. Either way to do it is fine. Once you are happy with the coat of Mod Podge pour a nice even coat of glitter on it. I poured mine over aluminum foil, so I could fold it up and pour the glitter back into the glitter container. I then let the glitter dry into the Mod Podge for a few hours. After the glue and glitter dried I used a clean paint brush to wipe away the glitter that was on the top of the mug (see below picture for the before).Once I was happy with the line I painted another coat of Mod Podge on the top. I did this a few times until I was happy with the consistency. This is also a good time to add more glitter if you see that it is thin in one area. I would say it’s easier to do a whole bunch at one time. At least the glitter part anyway. The directions on the Mod Podge say it takes almost 30 days to set before actually putting it through a dishwasher, so it’s better to do these as early as possible. Another option is to also leave a note for the gift recipient on a date they can wash it. I selected Iron On Vinyl simply because I’ve seen a few recommend it over regular stick-on- vinyl. I’ve never compared them in this capacity on mugs  so I will have to let you know. Yes, I did iron it on the top of the mug… and here is the final product… if you happen to see your name, please act surprised when you get it this Christmas. 🙂 


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