Day Out With Thomas 

So two years ago I wouldn’t have been able to tell you anything about the Thomas world other than my brother loved it 20+ years ago. Well it hasn’t gone away and I know more about Thomas and the Island of Sodor than I ever thought I would.

I saw that Thomas was actually visiting Florida and there was not a doubt in my mind we had to go. The closest location was in Miami so we made a plan. But you know what happens with plans? Ear infections and fevers. The little one and daddy had to stay home so we were able to invite a friend which I think honestly worked out better.

Hucklebaby’s friends actually arrived with Thomas DVD’s for the ride down. It was a great idea.

The Gold Coast Railroad Museum is actually right beside the Miami Zoo. It’s such a great place to take family pictures… not that we did, but I would love to go back there for our next session. It’s like a train graveyard, in the coolest sense.

We went on the last train ride on the last day of the event, so most of the crowds were gone. The weather was perfect and for South Florida that’s not always the case. It was beautiful and breezy. 

Sir Topem Hat is a celebrity… #nowyouknow

I don’t think I’ve ever been quite this close to a train, they are much bigger than when they are passing you on the road. 

A movie and viewing room inside a train car. 

Getting off the train was a bit scary… those steps are steep for tiny legs, but we managed. 

There were also a bunch of train tables to pass the time. I’m not thinking about train germs. Repeat…I’m not thinking about train germs. I would have loved a little train hand sanitizer… (wink, wink)

So we were at the train tables when we heard a train roll up, whistle and all… I only wished I would have had my camera out when we rounded the bend to actually see Thomas. Hucklebaby was as giddy as Christmas morning,  “This is sooooo exciting (insert jumping up and down motions)”. Completely worth the drive. 

The train went back and forth 3 times, so about 30 minutes. Not too long, but just perfect for these little guys. Just long enough for me to start wording what we would do if a bathroom was mentioned. Luckily enough they were too distracted by everything else. 

I really can’t describe these pretzels. They were fried… and almost sweet but not. I don’t know… It was different. Not good or bad, just different. 

Random miniature golf and hay maze were cool too. Since there were absolutely no crowds at the end, we sort of had the place to ourself. 

Plus a balloon for the road. This is one happy kiddo. 


One thought on “Day Out With Thomas 

  1. Wow, what a fun day out with Thomas! Love the Thomas the train balloons. Looks like meeting Thomas at the Railroad Museum made one little boy very happy! 😀

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