Stone Mountain Adventures

As a little girl, I would travel to a lot of places in the south with my grandparents and dad during our summer visits. One of the places I remember going was to Stone Mountain. It was a special memory for me so as we were planning our trip to the Atlanta area, I knew this one one of the places I wanted to take my boys.

Thinking back on my memories I remember it being hot, I mean Atlanta in the summertime…. I remember a huge lawn and watching a laser light show. Aside from that, I don’t remember much else that they had.

I’m not sure when Stone Mountain became a full-on multi-day place to visit. I was honestly blown away by how much there was to do, and how I can’t wait to go back on our next trip.

Click here for the full Stone Mountain Vlog

Don’t worry. Atlanta is still hot. I’m pretty sure you already knew that. But if you’re a family that likes to go on hikes, or a family that prefers theme parks… this is the best of both worlds.

I love that my 5-year-old was able to take part in everything the adults were doing. There aren’t too many places that you could say that about.

Look at how big my little guy looks. He had no hesitation and was ready for the challenge.

Where’s Waldo?

While he was busy challenging himself, my little one was able to play in the sandpit. I was able to cheer on my climber but also keep the other one happy and occupied. There was a separate ropes course for smaller kids that we did a few times. You can see a sample of it in the vlog above.

I’m fairly confident he will become a popcorn aficionado when he is older. He insists on popcorn no matter where we go. Stone Mountian was no different.

I absolutely don’t remember being able to take a Sky Ride up to the top of the mountain when I was younger. So I’m not sure when that was added. It might have been there the whole time… who knows. 🙂

Fair warning, as you reach the top the cables and gravity play a funny little trick on you and if you’re not prepared… it might sneak up on you. You can also hike up one side, but I’m not sure how long it takes. There were a lot of people hiking that day.

Most of the views from the cart are good but try to be one of the first or last on. On a busy day, they pack you in.

In case you think you might fall off of the mountain… here is a demonstration as to how to hang on.

Our view from the top of the world. I absolutely love creating memories like this with my boys.

Beautiful Atlanta.

The fact that I have two boys that completely love dinosaurs came in handy for a few of the exhibits they had. One was an indoor playground, and honestly I am so sad that we don’t have anything close to it in South Florida. We could have stayed there for hours.

There was also a section of dinosaurs that we walked through and the boys loved being up close and personal.

OK moms… listen up. When you are there get the souvenir cup. Totally worth it. $10, unlimited free refills. I bought a $5 Powerade and a local told me about this deal (after I cashed out of course). We probably went through 20 refills because it was so hot. Stay hydrated!

They were starting to decorate for the fall holidays as we were leaving… You know how much I love the fall holidays. Then and there we decided to go back in December for Snow Mountain. My kids have still never seen snow… so this is the perfect holiday road trip.

Like I said before, it really does take multiple days to go through and see everything. We still didn’t do the train ride or the water playground. There was a historic part that I would have loved to have seen, but the day was ending. They have campsites too… so I’m already brainstorming about the perfect time for all of that.

If you have a full day in the Atlanta area and are looking for something for the family, I promise you won’t be disappointed. I was Disney tired when we left…so you know it was a great day.

Till we meet again Stone Mountian… thanks for the memories.


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