What You Want To Know About The Disney Junior Dance Party – Hollywood Studios

Most weekends when we head out to Walt Disney World, you’ll find us at Magic Kingdom. I feel like that park has more to offer for younger kids… but I’m loving that Hollywood Studios has been adding Disney Junior selections.

We thought this would be the perfect getaway for a toddler birthday celebration.  Since we only have birthday parties every other year (I’ll post about that later), this was a great party alternative.

Most people head right for Toy Story Land when they get to Hollywood Studios, but there are so many Disney Junior Character Meet and Greets in the park (with very small lines)…that it is a great opportunity to distract your little ones from some of the longer lines they will have. These are also great when the day gets super hot, because most of them are shaded. As you can see it was raining the day we went. Florida weather.

The Disney Junior Dance Party is located right beside all of the meet and greets. We had a Fast Pass for our show, but I don’t think it’s an attraction you would want to use a Fast Pass on, especially if you are able to get them for some of the more “in demand” rides. All of the seats are good and the hosts walk around the center aisle.

The fast pass only got us in faster and all the way to the right of the stage. Fair warning… this is a criss cross applesauce type situation… for everyone. There were one or two benches that I saw in the entire room. So just know, you will be on the floor.

We are huge fans of Disney Junior. Having two little ones that watch it, that means we watch it too. Honestly I think the Doc McStuffin’s song is awesome.

The show is bright, it is colorful and it is loud. Not overly so, but if you have little ones that are sensitive to sound you may want to see if they have a special time for lower volume.

My younger son had no interest in dancing, but my 6 year old was into it way more than I expected. The best part to me was watching all of the parents get into the music and dance around with their kiddos. The room was filled with so much Disney magic, and adults that were dancing like no one was watching.

I wasn’t sure which characters would be there but Vamparina, Doc McStuffins, Timon and of course Mickey Mouse all made appearances.

So I will say my favorite parts of the show were the unexpected details that fell from the sky.

BUBBLES!!! I don’t care how old you are bubbles are still magical.

SNOW!!! (really just soap bubbles… but so fun)


I think this is a great show for anyone 2 – 7. Possibly older if you have kids that love Disney Junior. It’s also a great escape from a hot or rainy day.

If you are planning your Hollywood Studios Day schedule this at a time where you may want to sit and take a break, while being entertained.


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