Eggplant Street Tacos – Meatless Monday

Meatless Monday isn’t really a thing around here. Every day is meatless for me. 🙂 But even with that sometimes I get into a rut with my meatless selections. I do love eggplant though. So when our awesome across the street neighbor brought over these eggplants I knew I wanted to use them in tacos.

I was also super excited to finally get to use our air fryer. Yes, this is totally something I was Instagram pressured into getting… but after using it one time. I’m in love.

I will say, I completely understand now why I should have purchased a larger one. The small ones are OK but I was standing in the kitchen frying small batches for longer than I needed to be.

I cooked my eggplant, in a single layer, on 400 degrees for 7-9 minutes.

For our tacos, I mixed breadcrumbs and taco seasoning. I cheated and simply used a bag of premixed spices I already had in the cabinet.

We cubed the eggplant, placed it in an egg wash and then rolled it in the breadcrumb mixture.

Returning the favor we of course made some tacos for our neighbors.  They made eggplant parm for us last week so it always makes me happy to return the favor. For some reason they had a lot of eggplants I guess. I know how special it is to find neighbors like them so I am happy to send them food.

Billiam delivered their tacos acting like we had a food truck or something. It made me laugh.

I found these tiny tortillas at the grocery store and fell in love with them. They are about the size of my palm. Just perfect for little bite sizes and exactly what you would expect to get ordering street food.

At this point, you can create whatever kind of taco you would want. I MUST have sour cream. It’s non-negotiable. But I also added salsa, raw onion, lettuce, and cheese. There was also balsamic glaze for a sweet bite. I really enjoyed how this made the taco stand out from any I’ve had before.

This meal was so quick and easy, I know that it will make its way into a permanent rotation. I also know I can’t wait to experiment more with my air fryer and am fairly confident I will upgrade my fryer before the summer is over.

What are your favorite things to make in the air fryer? Which type should I upgrade to?


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