Holiday Handprints – Add This To Your Tree The Year

We started this tradition last year. It is the easiest tradition to add into your celebrations.

I mean I love any type of handprint art and this is something we can add on to year after year.

I found this burlap tree skirt on Amazon (linked) but you can really use a solid one you already have, or pick one that fits your colors.

Each year I have my boys paint their hand and place it on the skirt. It’s that easy. I was considering having two different skirts, because when they get older it will be hard to split it between them.

Am I the only mom that thinks that way? Who knows if it is something they will even want in the first place. 🙂 This is for me anyway… so I stuck with one.

We have done handprint art so much that they know exactly how to do it themselves. I love listening to them laugh at how ticklish their hands are or how “cold” the paint is. That’s what I love watching as much as the finished product.

Make sure to label the child’s name, or initials like I did, and the year. Instead of names you could also assign each child a color. Completely up to you.

Mine wanted to switch up the colors they had this year.

Here is what ours looks like after two years.


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