Star Wars Lightsaber Bookmarks – Fun for May the 4th

It wasn’t too long ago I was mentioning that we have been using paint EVERYDAY. Yes, everyday there is something I get the paint out for. It has been a lifesaver during our time at home.

No need to run to the store and grab more supplies. Use what you have. Don’t have popsicle sticks? I’m sure there is something that could be painted into a lightsaber. Even use paper… don’t go crazy. This is more of a fun idea than something your kids will keep forever.

I remembered I had this Sharpie paint pen from some of our holiday projects and used it to add details to the lightsaber handles. Use nail polish or whiteout. Remember this is fun, and a great way to get creative with the resources you have.

This is a super easy idea to incorporate into a Star Wars themed party too. It doesn’t take too long, and each one can be personalized depending on each child’s favorite character. I’ve discovered my son always chooses the dark side. I don’t read too much into it. (Wide eyes)

There is something special about having a themed bookmark to read with those specific books. Once I pulled out our (very small) collection of Star Wars books, both of the boys wanted to sit and read.

I honestly was digging out the books to have as our reading activity for May 4th (Star Wars Day) but they asked if they could start reading them now. Absolutely!

So now, on their dresser, they have a collection of books to grab for bedtime and tomorrow… as well as matching bookmarks.

Which side would you choose? The Dark Side or Light?


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