Forget diaper cakes – make a ONESIE WREATH – a fun and updated idea for baby showers…

I was a huge fan of diaper cakes when they first came out. They were cute, they stood out and who didn’t need diapers on diapers? Although the are still a great gift, I think everyone expects a diaper cake or two.

Onesies and must have baby shower items.

I was recently invited to a drive by baby shower and sent my gift ahead of time, but still wanted to give the mama-to-be something as we drove by. I also wanted to make something that felt a little more special since she couldn’t have a standard shower.

Wrap the onesies and pants around a wire wrack and secure with ribbon.

I started brainstorming other things new moms need, and of course had a hodge-podge of ideas, I’m not sure how the wreath came to be… but one thing lead to another.

I will say next time I would buy twice as much ribbon as I thought I needed. Since you aren’t glueing or taping anything to the wreath mold, the ribbon is the literal glue that holds everything on.

I saw that the moms color scheme was for her registry and used that to pick my colors. I also wanted to make sure to support a few small shops putting it together.

Baby Shower Wreath

I wanted mama-to-be to enjoy unwrapping the wreath as much as she would a present so made sure to attach small little fun baby goodies. Baby paper (who know this was a thing), crochet rattle and a few Mickey teethers. Of course there had to be a book! I grabbed this one at my favorite bookstore – The Vero Beach Book Center

I used ribbon and also started to go a bit nautical with some twine… I almost went to the store to buy more colorful ribbon, but honestly was cutting it close to making it to the shower.

Baby Wreath made of onesies

I can not wait till this little bundle of joy gets here…

Try making one of these for your next baby shower and I promise you’ll get quite a few comments, the new mama will be quite surprised too!


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