Key to Our Success – Teacher Appreciation

It’s the start of the school year, and what that means for me is nonstop projects. I’ve taken charge of the TAPs program at my school. That stands for Teachers as Parents. It is just like a separate branch of PTO.



Since teachers are usually working during school events, it is another way they can help their school flourish.

I wanted to give them all a little trinket to let them know how important they are and honestly hopefully butter them up to sign up for anything I email them. (wink, wink)



I was able to get a BUNCH of keychains relatively inexpensive and one thing lead to another. A perfect little trinket to slip into their mailboxes and put a smile on their faces.



No project is complete without hot glue. Just a dab will do.



I’m sure the teachers in your life would love this little surprise.



I can’t wait to deliver these this week! 🙂




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